You can call me Jezzy.  Or Ms. Wolfe.  Or Crazy Ferret Lady.  Hell, I’ll even respond to ‘Hey You’…I’m easy like that.  In the past five years, many changes in my life and goals have led me here.  But rather than start on a high horse and bombard you with opinions, maybe I should introduce myself.  Because while many of you might know who I am, you may know very little about me as an individual.

I am a self-proclaimed freak.

Growing up, I was a good kid and a better teenager.  I made good grades, I practiced a crazy amount of self-restraint and discipline, and for several teenage years I was the pianist and vocalist for a Christian band with several of my church-based friends.  And while I missed out on some of the wild times many of my friends enjoyed, I can’t say I’m sorry for my lack of experience.  Besides, I eventually compensated for that self imposed repression.

As a child, ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer never wavered.  I was going to be a singer.  I never considered teaching.  Nothing in medicine.  Certainly not a mother or wife.  I was a performer.  But with the onset of adulthood came the realization that being able to carry a tune did NOT make me a singer.  So I focused my attention on art.  I was accepted into the Governor’s Magnet School for Visual Arts as a senior in high school, but they wouldn’t offer me photography, which I’d become addicted to.  So I quit, went back to regular school, and filled my empty schedule with photography classes and Advanced Art History.  By the time I graduated, I’d won a few awards for my photos, so I never regretted the choice to pass on the special school.

My future plans were to move to Maryland and attend an art college with my best friend.  I had a strong portfolio, the odds were with me.  But I never even made it to the interview.

Out of high school I grabbed a job and settled.  The GPA, the college ambitions, the joy of spending hours on end in a stinking darkroom… I traded them for a pay check.  Not even a great pay check, but it was money I earned on my own, and that was enough.  I married young, and with that, any chance for college floated right out the window.  Two years later saw me as a newly single mother.  Photography is not the cheapest of hobbies, to say the least.  So I chucked that with the singing and relegated all delusions of grandeur to the fairytales in my head.

Another marriage in, and I still had no idea who I was.  I had a job …but not a career.  And a growing restlessness.  Every dream I entertained had been folded into their coffins.  What was left once all that disappeared?  I wasn’t in pain, I wasn’t happy. I was just numb.

Five years ago a close friend of mine crashed at my house for a month and suggested I open a blog on a network that she used. Prior to her stay, I was basically non-existent on the internet.  But I was sad that she was moving across the country and looking for a good way to keep in touch with her, so I humored her and opened my first account.

I found my crack.

Blogging is ultimately what brought me here.  The fun posts turned into poems and prose, then into short stories.  My steady readers were very enthusiastic, and so I joined EditRed in 2007.

Almost immediately I made great friends with a couple of talented writers, Jim Kelley and Gregory Hall.  From then on it was like flying on auto-pilot.  When I was offered the opportunity to work on Choate Road, I jumped.  At the time, I really had no idea what Choate was supposed to be, but I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  In July 2008, I began designing the actual website.  With Greg’s flair for entertainment and my practically anal approach to design, we worked hard to create something that was both fun and horrific.  In the first several months, we all learned very valuable lessons about building and running an interactive website.  Stressful?  Absolutely!  But worth every second.  At the end of every update, we continue to feel a real satisfaction with what we’ve accomplished.

It’s a little more than a year later, and with the ongoing success of Choate Road, and the growing popularity of The Funky Werepig blogtalk radio show (of which I am the co-host), I feel I am right where I am meant to be.  Recently I began co-hosting another blogtalk radio show, Pairanormal, with EW Bradfute.  For someone with big ambitions of being a childhood performer, I’ve had a harder time finding my voice as an adult, but I truly believe I’m finally getting somewhere.  This fall will see the publication of several more of my stories, and I am working hard at improving my skills as a dark writer.  I’m becoming more comfortable with the idea of being a radio personality.  I’ve met some fantastic authors and mentors.  And I have gained some wonderful friends in the process.

There’s still a long road ahead of me, and I’m looking forward to whatever lies around the bend.

Until next time~

Jezzy Wolfe

*Visit Choate Road, the Chuck E. Cheese of Horror, at

*The Funky Werepig airs on Sunday nights at 9pm est.  Listen at

*Pairanormal airs on Friday nights at 11pm est.  Listen at


19 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. a pilgrim passin thru Says:

    You have come so far..and just have begun your flight. You have so many worlds yet to experience, and you will. May love and happiness latch hold of you and be some of your constant companions.

  2. I am Mr. Wolf..don’t worry we aren’t related I don’t have the extra special E at the end. I enjoyed the read thank you

  3. Yay, Jezzy!!!

    Welcome to the insanity that is WordPress… 😉


  4. Jezzy,

    Your story is awesome. You were meant to be here, most certainly. You are one of the nicest personalities that I have met online, ever. I enjoy reading your shorts (hey now, the stories not your short-pants, though they are nice) and I am glad to call you, at the very least, an acquaintance.

    I have a similar story and I am currently pursuing a couple of avenues of dreams that I had “given” up. I am glad that you persevere. I am sure that I speak well for everyone when I say we are all glad that you did so. Thanks for the kind words, the friendship, and the support. It means a lot to me.

    Wear a smile.


    • If anyone can succeed at their dreams Mary, I know it’s you. You’re an incredibly talented writer and I am honored that you enjoy my short-pants… I mean, shorts.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. You’re a sweetheart!

  5. Great stuff, Jezzy! And a look in your soul, whoo hoo! NOw I don’t need to stay outside your house, peering in the windows, I feel like I know you now. Haha. Big hugs. Send me that story! And let me know what you want as far as a crit (light, or heavy.) Take care! Lee

    • So that was you standing out there? Sorry I doused you with kibble and tossed the ferrets on you!

      I will send it soon as it’s completed. Thanks for checking it out for me. And thanks for stopping by. Big hugs back!

  6. Jezzy – the combination of your talent. passion, brains, and beauty are going to make all your dark dreams come true baby!

    Meeting you & Greg on The Funky Werepig was one of the best things to happen to me. You can never know enough really good people…smile.

    Continued success with everything you do. I’ll try not to be a stranger, sista-gyrl.


    • Thank you so much, Vince! That means a lot to me! In my opinion, you are one of the coolest people we’ve had the privilege of interviewing on the Werepig, so I consider myself blessed that I’ve had the chance to meet great people like you! Thanks for being a friend!

      Hope your book signing was a hit. Happy Halloween right back at you!

  7. Helloooo and Happy Halloween! 😀 I’m adding you to my latest blog post.

    Hugs and ferrets

    Louise xox

  8. Thanks so much, hun! That’s sweet of you! Happy Halloween to you, too!

    *hugs, ferrets, AND rats!* 🙂

  9. wdprescott Says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter, LOL

    Hey Jezzy,
    Great blog and can’t wait to see what else you have in-store for us. Let the ferrets of DOOM march forth!

    W. D.

  10. Hi Sweetie! Great introduction. Yes, ma’am, I’m just catching up now, but I am catching up. I’m glad you’re finding your voice and it’s here with us!


    • Thanks so much, hun! I know what you mean, I’m way behind myself! It doesn’t help that I get way too distracted with Twitter mayhem.

      I appreciate that you dropped by. Hope everything is going well with you!

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