My Anti-Climatic Two Days After New Years’ Eve New Years’ Post

Despite all outward appearances… or should I say nonappearances…  the past several months have not been a bust.

While my internet presence has been minimal, my real world job was a doozy this holiday season. Retail always is when it comes to Christmania, but this year was my first at management helm, and I am happy to say it went fine. So now that the New Year has begun, I can switch gears.

When the clock struck 2011, I was ‘taking care of business’, so to speak. I renewed my security software, ordered additional memory for my laptop, and began researching Photoshop and Photomatix programs. It’s time to get back to my photography. But this time, I’m going for “Big Dog” status. My Minolta SLR is in need of repair, but soon as it’s fixed I’m getting out there and searching for… well, whatever catches my eye. No more excuses. I’m through with them.

But don’t think that means I’ve quit with the writing. Far from it. I currently have the first part of my haiku selection, ‘Thirteen Haikus and a Midnight Movie Massacre’, appearing in the December issue of The World of Myth ezine. The piece is scheduled to appear (in it’s entirety) in their next issue, so when I get the release date for that I will announce it again. Be sure to check them out. They are a fine zine with a wonderful team, and considering they were the first publication I had the honor to appear in, I’m rather fond of them.

Oh, and in addition to appearing in back to back issues of the ezine, they’ve selected one of my Mad Milly stories, ‘The Mysteriously Magically Maddeningly Missing Mocha…uh…Mystery’, to appear in the upcoming book anthology, The Best of The World of Myth Volume II. Release date on that is forthcoming as well.


Which brings me to another fine publication that deserves much appreciation – Support the Little Guy. Founded and run by Brandon Layng, it is both a Twitter campaign as well as an ezine, designed to promote both small press publications and authors. If you’re browsing Twitter you will undoubtedly see #SupporttheLittleGuy attached to various tweets frequently on any given day. Between the Twitter campaign and the newly launched ezine, Brandon has successfully worked hard to spread the word about the importance of supporting small press. That said, I am very fortunate to be appearing in the next issue of Support the Little Guy, with my flash fiction story, ‘To the Victor Goes the Soil’.

If you haven’t already, stop by the STLG blog or check out the ezine, and show your appreciation. Small press needs you.

Thank you very much, Brandon, for all you do!


No, it’s not the Pink Floyd cult classic film, sorry.

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