The Last Dying Wheezes of an Asthmatic Empire

You might think I’m talking about my writing career, huh?  Well, you’d be wrong.  This was initially to be the title of a blog post about bookstores.  Then I decided it would be about Post-Modern Impressionism and it’s role in the Socialist Party during the Cold War.  Then I thought to use it on a scathing review of this generation’s ‘My Little Pony’ franchise.

But then I decided to just use it anyway, cause I was tired of seeing it sitting there all by it’s lonesome in my saved drafts.  So just pretend it’s relevant to the rest of this post, would you?

That aside, a few announcements.  The TOC for BACONOLOGY (from Library of the Living Dead Press) was released, and it’s sizzling!  I don’t have a release date as of yet (patience, kids, good bacon takes time) but the included stories will be:

Tasty Tidbits of Terror!

Secret Recipe
by David Dunwoody
BLT Summer by Carey Burns
Always Bet On Bacon! by Timothy W. Long
Horror From The Happy Squealer Bacon Hut by  Joe Filippone
The Quitter by Teresa Bergen
Porn And The First-Person Shooter by Jessica Brown
Bits Of Oscar by  Rebecca Nazar
Makin’ Bacon by  Dave McEachern
The Woods Are Dark And Full Of Pork Products by Derek J. Goodman
The Bacon Cometh by Lance Schonberg
Home-Cured by Byron Alexander Campbell
This Little Pig by Talu Briar
It’s Alive by Randal Tanabe
Everybody Love Bacon by Don Newberry
The Smell Of Bacon by Paul A. Freeman
Food Porn by Natalie L. Sin
Sisters Of Bacon by Wayne Goodchild
The Un-Kosher Golem by Matthew Baugh
Bacon Boy Bob And The Alien Invasion by S.A. Kats
Breakfast Of The Living Dead by Jason Colavito
Elk Stones by Stephen A. North
Bad Ass Commander Of Ninjas by Sheri Gambino
Best Served Hot by Patrick Rutigliano
Raising Bacon by Cairol Dawson

Beelzebacon! by Jezzy Wolfe
The Pi Iota Gamma Incident by Bill Tucker

Bacon Man by Zombie Zak

Oink oink!

Currently I am working on a story for an anthology I was invited to submit to.  It’s super secret squirrel though …that means you’ll get no deets from me!  All I will say is that it looks like a fantastic book and I would love to be a part of it.  But in addition to that I’m working on one or two reviews…

Which leads me to the announcement that I think I’ve neglected to make officially – I’m a reviewer for Liquid Imagination now.  In the May issue I reviewed Sarah St. John’s ‘Black Hearts and Red Blood Dreams’.  In the upcoming issue I will have at least one review (slight possibility, maybe two) but I need to check the release for the upcoming issue first.

Liquid Imagination is an online fantasy magazine that includes poetry, short stories, micro-fiction, articles and reviews, and art.  (And it’s not limited to fantasy… if it’s a great story, that’s what matters most.)  It was founded by my friend John Arthur Miller (JAM), who is an incredibly talented author as well as a crazy dreamer.  LI has an enthusiastic staff of editors and writers that are dedicated to a single vision of literary greatness.  Stephen Roberts and I both recently signed on to do regular reviews, and rumor has it that Stephen will be hosting a blogtalk radio program for LI as well.  Go Stephen!

As for my other projects, my FuzzyFriskyFierce empire is progressing nicely.  There are new products in my storefront, and the blog gets a regular stream of traffic.  I now have a Tumblr account as well, even though it’s still small and doesn’t currently have much visibility.  There are tentative plans to turn the FerreXorcist into a novella, which is largely why I have yet to release it as an online serial – and may never do so. (Free cows, skim milk, you know the adage.)  And Mad Milly and Art of Dying are moving along, hogging whatever free moments remain.

So as you can see, the blog title does not actually refer to me.  Hell, I’ve never been even slightly asthmatic… although I can wheeze with the best of them.


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