Beating Dead Horses: A Ballet of Bummers

How did we get here?

I spent so much of my life doing the same thing, in a fragile occupational bubble that I didn’t realize was on the verge of a pin prick. And that’s all it took.  Just one drop of the ball, one person deciding it wasn’t the end of the world… but yes.  It was.  It is.  I am currently turning over every rock I can find, but all I get is more bullshit.  I find myself outrageously bitter and resentful, even though I try to pep talk myself out of it pretty much every day.  Doesn’t work.  I get angrier as each day passes, with more of the same bullshit heaped on me.

If I am in a tunnel, I am still miles away from any point that can spot a distant light.

I’ve taken others’ tactics and applied them… be optimistic, look for the positives, keep that chin up.  I see it working for them.  So who is the fucking joker that keeps knocking me on my ass?

Bottom line: I need HELP.  I am in over my head.  This ship sinks, and soon, if someone doesn’t wake up and listen to me.

Glub fucking glub.




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