Read This Aloud With Your Deepest Movie Voice-Over Voice

Are you a flibberty-widget?  And if so, why not?  Personally, I try to be as flibberty-widgety as possible, and at all times.  Because you never know when someone might catch you with your shtap-shnozzer around your ankles.  And when that happens, whoa baby!  Talk about having egg on your salad!

It’s a true beefsteak conundrum.

Sure, anybody could use a Phillips head on a socket, but why bother?  The air ratchet is always gonna be more effective.  Don’t come to a bar brawl with a knife fight.  The tips will always be mediocre.  And that’s if you don’t get laminated!  I once knew this gal, who knew this guy.  Totally.

Four out of five doctors are angry at that one doctor for screwing up their unanimity.

‘E Pluribus Unum’ does NOT mean what they said.  Don’t let them fool you.  They will feed you mackerel and tell you it’s carp.  Where do you think they came up with ‘Carp Die’em’?  Look up the great Chicago Carp Conspiracy of 1375.  Eyes wide open now!  They thought they were dealing with a bunch of sheep, but really, they were dealing with fashionably attired emus.  Dig!

There’s gold in them there teeth!  Why do you think the dentist digs so diligently? Cavities?  Is that what they’re selling these days?  NO.  Close them chompers.  There are better things to bite than the phalanges of doctors.  Trust me.

Autumn comes quick to those with Spring in their step.







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