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More for the Empties. U

Posted in Uncategorized on January 1, 2015 by jezzywolfe

Midnight found me in my living room, with family. Almost everyone had a cup in heir hand. And yes, those duos were full of delicious! I had at least two cups of Loopy vodka, orange pinapple juice, and grenadine. I drank that shit up, fo sho. I also had buttery nipples, and something I made, but I can tell you, I can’t tell you what it wad. I’m sure I’ll remember in the morning. Thank goodness I don’t strip. How awkward would that be?! House full of people, and I’m working a pole. It’s bad manners, I tell you. My cousin would never let me drink again.

I won’t wrote up those resolutions. Hell, I do better without them. Seriously. I started working out and losing weight without even promising to. So fuck the promises. I say just do it. Do tha Dann thamg. Whatever that is. Cause yeah. You hit this butch. I got it, too. Wait, I can’t share a resolution with you. I’m sorry, but you ulta get your own. They’re better that way.

My life is not a trainwreck in the proverbial sense. I always say in the eclesiastical sense. See what I did there? You probably didn’t think I could even spell that word, but I do. All the time. Plus androgenous. I can spell that too. Boom, baby!

I want to say for a moment how gortunatei I am to have people that understand me. It’s hard to be this random everyday, and hav a posse of understaders. I’m not even sure tats a word, so thank you, and you’re welcome. Reciprocation is the spice of life. So is majoram.

This year, I plan to. Yes. All that stuff. And then when it happens, it will be beautiful. It willbebesutuful. I don’t know what it is, but wow. Spectacular.



Jus like that. You all win. So do I. Fini.