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A Sober Look at a Sobering Horizon. 

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I didn’t drunk blog for the new year. I could have. Maybe I should have. There was a bounty of beverages, after all. img_3735-1

But, after year upon year of suck, turmoil, and heartbreak, just maybe I need a different routine.

Am I saying it’s my fault we’ve had such a bad year? I don’t know. Depends on how superstitious you are. No, I’ve never eaten the correct foods, or made resolutions, or toasted at the stroke of midnight, or tickled a wallaby’s left armpit. So maybe the bad is on me.

Or maybe that’s just how the cards fell.

It was a hard political season. We are many who are apprehensive at the future of our society. Frustrated by what we perceive as a breakdown of ethics and morality…largely under the very false flag of returning to some kind of ‘God fearing’ nation. A nation that is greedy and tight-fisted and polluted with hate and ignorance. And people seem to think that’s godly? Um, no. Hell no. Fuck off with that noise. Please, oh please call me a liberal. Because if that’s what conservative means, I want to be NOTHING like you.

So, in light of this new chance at another orbit, I’ve decided to start it right. I ate a proper meal. I decided not to blog buzzed…heck, I’m a dork anyway, the alcohol doesn’t change that. And I am making resolutions. Not ‘actual’ resolutions, because we all know the flop that follows those. These are choices. Choices are not lofty goals we hope we can reach, but the shift of mindset that allows them to be realities.

My first choice is to be strong. We are all here together. I throw the word ‘love’ around loosely, but I am sincere. I love the people in my life. And I choose to be stronger for them, in the hope that my strength will give them encouragement. With that strength needs to be courage. We have a fight ahead of us, and we can no longer cower or bury our heads. You are all sisters and brothers to me, regardless of your race or ethnicity or religion, and it is my responsibility to stand by you when they try to tear us down. This is not a safety pin. This is my arms. This is my heart. And every one of you are safe with me.

My second choice is to be industrious. This year will likely bring about career changes, and I’m scared about what that means. But I have to move forward, for the sake of my family, my fuzzy babies, and my peace of mind. This applies to my aspirations as a writer, as well. I’ve accomplished some milestones recently. It’s time to follow them through.

My third choice is to be disciplined. I’ve fallen off track with my self care. It’s time to rectify that. I’m happier and clear headed when I’m physically active. I need to find that part of me again, and dig in. It will also allow me to remove clutter. There is so much clutter around me. So much useless material I don’t need. It overwhelmed and paralyzed me. And it’s time to make it history.

My fourth choice is to be present. Life comes and goes rather abruptly, as we have all witnessed this past year. You get one life, and one chance to carve it out. Daydreams are fun, but they’re fruitless. They keep me back from all that I could accomplish. It’s time to appreciate what’s in front of me now, as I have it. My family, my adoring ferrets, my irreplaceable friends. I don’t want to waste the moments we have here.

My fifth choice is to be optimistic. Because I’m not. I’m terrified of the unknown, and apprehensive to the point that I sabotage myself. No longer do I want to miss opportunities. No longer do I want to start my days worried about what can go wrong. When you live that way, the things that go right are barely a glimmer mired in your dustbin. I will not live in trepidation or nihilism any longer.

Who cares what is on the horizon? Lesser people interfered, and now we all face the dubious consequences.  But I am here. You are here. We are standing side by side on the same cliff. We face the same outstretch of sea. You know what’s beautiful about that?

Every. Single. Sunrise.

I am spending this year looking forward to every one that I get to spend with you.

Be kind. Be safe. Be brave. I got you.



Freeze Tag Contest: ROUND 3!

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I just want to say a quick ‘Thank You’ to my readers that have been playing along so far.  By humoring me and taking part in this contest, you are letting your freak flags fly.  Unless those are your undergarments up on the flag pole.  To which I say, “Nice choice!”   Either way, I appreciate your unabashed insanity.

With that said, the winner of a FREE copy of  ZIPPERED FLESH: TALES OF BODY ENHANCEMENTS GONE BAD! is


Congratulations!  You’re a weirdo!  And now you’re a weirdo with a free book!  Go, you!

This week’s prize! YUM!


I’m changing it up just a bit for this week’s round.  You’ll get a picture as your clue.  But I have faith that you totally get me, so this shouldn’t be hard.  Give me the correct word, and you will win a FREE copy of Library of the Living Dead’s BACONOLOGY.

What happens when horror meats bacon?  Something deliciously disturbing!  And as a bonus, reading this book will NOT go straight to your thighs!  Oink oink, bitches!

The clue this week is:

Hmmm… what could that be?

What is word 32 of that post?

Leave your answer on this post before 9pm est NEXT Friday night, and you could be a wiener!  Plus, you might win a free anthology.  Bonus!

Good luck!

(Ps ~ If this is your first time playing, you can find the detailed instructions for this game HERE.)

Freeze Tag Contest: ROUND 2!

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Before we jump right in to another crazy pool of scavenger huntiness, it’s time to announce the winner of last week’s game.  The person receiving a copy of UNNATURAL TALES OF THE JACKALOPE is:


Congratulations!  You are about to be totally freaked out by the cute and the absurd.

And for those that didn’t win this time around, no worries.  I will be giving away another copy of this anthology in three weeks.  So don’t give up!  A book of crazy bunnies with antlers can still be yours.

Freeze Tag: Round Two 


Freaked out by implants?  Scared of tribal tattoos?  You, my friend, have issues.  But you might just appreciate an entire anthology of macabre fiction based on the augmented.  Smart Rhino Publications debut anthology has received great reviews so far, and continues to totally freak out readers on a regular basis.  So if you want a copy of your own (you sick, sick puppy) HERE’S this week’s game.

The Clue is “Wonder Years”.

I am looking for word 17 of that post.

Leave your comment on this post with that mystery word, and you will be eligible to win this disgustingly entertaining anthology this time NEXT WEEK.

Not sure how to play?  It’s easy!  Check out THIS for the instructions.

Now search, search like the wind!  The last one back is the last one back!

Good luck!

FREEZE TAG! Book Giveaway Contest #1

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Okay, peepsicles, game time is on NOW.

Be the selected individual with the correct answer, and you will receive a FREE copy of Western Legends Publications’ debut anthology, UNNATURAL TALES OF THE JACKALOPE.

See the previous post for rules and guidelines, and here’s one more helpful hint before you begin: You will never need to look at any post earlier than Jan. 20, 2011.

Let’s play!

Clue:  “Nausea – Heartburn – Indigestion – Upset Stomach – Diarrhea.”

What is word 43 of that post?

Leave your answer in a comment on this post.  Game ends at 9 pm est on Friday, July 27th.  The winner will be selected via, and announced at 10 pm est that night.

Good luck!

Bloggy Book Giveaway: Let’s Play FREEZE TAG!

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Tags.  Those super handy little post-its that improve internet traffic.  The alphabeticy boogie boards that help us surf the waves of information.  We all use them, to ensure our posts show up when random surfers out there are googling the various topics of our expertise.  But do you ever really look at the tags assigned to the posts you’re reading?

Usually the answer is no.  Probably even if you’re reading one of my blog posts.  But if you really know me, you will realize that sometimes, even the tiniest details – such as tags – are part of the joke for me.

On many of my posts, I have used tags that sometimes have nothing at all to do with the content of that post.  It’s my own inside joke, knowing someone who googles ‘sequins’ will end up at my New Years Apocalyptic post.  Or that someone looking to learn about ‘blue footed boobies’ will wind up with a politically fueled rant.  (And how appropriate is that, might I add?)  In fact, I usually have a good laugh at my misappropriated taggings.

Now it’s your turn.

FREEZE TAG – How it’s played:

1.  You will be given a CLUE, which will lead you to an irrelevant tag on one of my posts.  The clue maybe a sentence, a jingle, a picture… but there will be a tag that fits it.  Whatever post you find that tag on, is the post that holds the answer.

2.  I will also be giving you a WORD.  Count the words (starting at the beginning of the post itself – not including the title or tags) until you reach the number I’ve given you.  The word that is that number is the answer I’m looking for.

3.  Come back to the current Freeze Tag post, and leave a comment with your answer.  Please do NOT mention which post it is in, cause obviously you and I will already know that… *winkwink*

4.  When the contest finishes, I will assign all the correct answers a number (based on the order in which they are received.)  Then your numbers will be put in to the random selector, RANDOM.ORG.  That will determine the winner!


The CLUE is:  “A coffee house specialty.”
Word  6

If you look at my previous post, There’s Jackalope in Them There Blog!, you will notice the list of tags directly beneath the title.  Among those tags is ‘cafe au lait’, a popular coffee beverage available at any coffee shop.  Once you’ve found the tag, go to the post and count the words.  Word 6 is ‘Jackalope’.  And that is the answer.

Sounds easy, right?

And for your benefit:

– I will NOT be using the previous post in my clues, so you can automatically disregard that post when tag hunting.

– The word count will be under 50, so you won’t have to sit there counting words all afternoon.

– If the clue is too difficult, I will post a second clue to help.  (But let’s face it, I ain’t the deepest bulb in the tool shed, so I don’t ‘think’ the clues will be too hard.)

– I will ship your prize to anywhere in the United States for free – if you live outside the US, I will split the cost of shipping with you 50/50.

The first contest will be posted THIS FRIDAY, June 20, at 9:00 pm est.  It will end the following Friday, at 9:00 pm est.  I will announce the lucky winner at 10:00 pm est that night.