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My Life is an Adventurous Tale of Wonderment, High Blood Pressure, and Adventurous Adventure.

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Josh Kathy Street cropped

Looks like someone beat me to the rabbit hole! Photo of Josh courtesy of Kathy Street.

So after all that, you’re expecting the follow-up to Alice and the Rabbit Hole, right?

Sorry.  The only holes I can speak of – other than my financial debts – are the crazed people sucking craters in Floriduh.  And you can read about that for yourself on any nefarious news blog.  The only news you will find here is the ever-developing tale of my life via 2013.  And boy howdy, it’s a page turner!

Let me first apologize for daring to use the phrase ‘boy howdy’.  I promise to never do that again.  What the hell was that?!  I’m not even sure I typed it, but there it is.  So sorry.

January started off incredibly unapocalyptic, and pretty normal.  I was on a mission to purchase the shop I was managing.  That was to be my goal for the year.  But despite all the ‘you can do its’, turns out I really couldn’t do it.  Come mid March, I was looking at a completely blank page in the next chapter of my life.  Desperation kicked in, but this time it was that really smart kind of desperation I don’t usually experience.  Whackadoodle.

So I enrolled in college.  Literally that fast.  One day I was a frame shop manager, the next day I was a student.  I spent an evening prowling the online campus job resources, and pinpointed my destination and degree.  I was steering towards a future in technical writing.  (Which could also qualify me for other writing and editing jobs, so that felt like a smart choice for me.)  As of now, I have successfully completed the orientation course, and after some final paperwork and financial aid matters are situated, I will be starting my first class with University of Phoenix this summer.  And I feel really good about my decision.

Meanwhile, I am unemployed.  Gah!  I have been sending out my resume, and with my experience, not too many places were unhappy to receive it.  But this nightmare economy means no one is in a position to take on a well-experienced framer, no matter how good she is.  There are actually customers who are in need of framing right now, that are choosing to wait until I’m hired somewhere else before they have any more framing done.  I do appreciate their loyalty.  At times, I really do regret that I couldn’t save the shop.  But now I’m being optimistic.  I could never achieve such a career – much less the financial stability it affords – if I stayed in the frame shop.  Surviving at the mercy of a fickle, struggling economy.

I had to move on.

BG Carol Owens smaller

This fuzzy knows a thing or two about staying on his toes! Photo of BG courtesy of Carol Owens.

As I wait for school and a new job to begin, other dilemmas surface to keep me on my toes.  My oldest ferret, Beelzebub, had a large tumor that needed to be surgically removed.  I’m still paying for the operation, but you can barely see his scar now.  So that was a scare I’m happy to have behind me.  And my mother is an ongoing saga that has kept me very busy the past three weeks.  She was in a hospital for a week and a half (after being in and out of another hospital for the previous month) and now she is in a nursing facility.  For now, she is there for rehabilitation, but if she doesn’t improve on physically caring for herself, she might well be going back into a facility for long term treatment.  It’s a huge change for me, because I’ve had my mom with me since my oldest son was born.  No matter what happens, I hope she will start taking better care of herself so she may enjoy the remainder of her life with happy memories and warm surroundings.  It’s a chapter that’s just beginning for us both.

With so much going on, I haven’t had a lot of time for writing.  I haven’t had much time for networking, either.  And there were literally cobwebs on my blog when I signed in to make this post.  I have been at the nursing home almost every day since my mom was admitted.  Watching the staff with a close eye, cause there will be the occasional slip-ups… such as giving my mom ice cream, even though she’s extremely lactose intolerant.  It’s a constant stress, because if I’m not there watching out for her, I feel guilty.

fat boy cropped sarah doe

Now THAT’S one helluva of a nap! Fat Boy photo courtesy of Sarah Doe.

But I am so tired.  Both physically and emotionally.  And the only thing I am inspired to write about is a nap.  But not just any nap, oh no.  This nap would rival even the greatest naps of all time!  And it would include  a sleep number mattress and a fat, cuddly ferret.  That would be one hell of a fantastic nap.

Don’t worry.  I will be back.  I’ll get through this and kick back into writing gear with a vengeance.  And there will be stories.  Boy howdy, will there be stories!

Well damn.  Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t make that promise a resolution.  #BoyHowdyFAIL


Two times more reviewy than the average review: A review of Lucy Snyder’s ‘Spellbent’ and ‘Shotgun Sorceress’

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Today, my brother regarded me with awe as he said, “Wow. You are really obsessed with ferrets.”

Spellbent (Look! There's a cute ferret on the cover!)

Which is what it all boils down to. Anything I dive into, be it project or past-time, is always done with more compulsion and dedication when it somehow involves ferrets. So I wasted no time in jumping into Spellbent the evening I received it. Because despite the fact that I read very little fantasy and stated openly that it was not usually my genre of choice… there was a cute little ferret on the cover. Yes, I am that obsessed.

But let it be made clear –  you do not have to be a fuzzy fanatic like me to appreciate Spellbent. If the presence of a ferret was the only entertaining aspect of the book, I still would not have been able to read it. I tore through Spellbent as quickly as one of my favorite Nicci French books, and that’s fast. It was easy to get into and easy to follow. Thoroughly enjoyable. All things I rarely ever say of fantasy. Because fact is, most fantasy I’ve read takes place in other worlds, other centuries. The heroes are characters that are often not human and not people I can identify with, and that makes it harder for me to follow. I probably sound simple-minded when I say that, but the quickest way for me to lose myself in any book is to see myself as the heroine. In most fantasy books, I cannot. In Lucy Snyder’s novels, I can. This isn’t Tolkien and his world of Middle-Earth; this is modern-day Ohio. The book is woven with a very practical approach to magic and how it affects everything, from the economy to the government to the average working talent and their interactions with the mundane around them. All explained in ways that even I can understand. No easy feat, believe me.

Jessie Shimmer is a young woman still learning the extent of her magical abilities when her whole world is turned askew. In Spellbent, she suddenly finds herself on the run, trying to save her love from a hell with roots that run far deeper than she could’ve imagined. And faithfully accompanying her is a rascally ferret familiar, Palimpsest. He is unusually dignified for a fuzzy, and I was highly amused by an early description of his voice… a Canadian librarian. (I kept imagining Joel Sutherland portraying Pal in the heavily CGR’d movie adaptation. So how about it, Dreamworks?) And most importantly, Snyder’s description of ferret mannerisms were fairly accurate. With the only exception being a description of Pal’s excrement, which had been described as a small warm pellet. I wish that were true of ferrets, believe me! But Pal is a magical familiar, not a born fuzzy. So for argument’s sake, that was magical poo, and therefore correct.

Shotgun Sorceress. One word: HOT!

Ferret fanaticism aside, Spellbent is a fantastic series starter. I was very eager to see how it would be followed up. So as soon as I was able, I got myself a copy of the second Jessie Shimmers book, Shotgun Sorceress. Tore through that even faster than I had Spellbent. The second book picks up promptly where the first leaves off. Jessie is now facing the repercussions of her actions in the first novel. Once again she is on the run, and this time finds herself exiled in the most no man’s land of no man’s lands… Texas. (No offense to actual Texans intended, I promise.) With Pal once again at her side, she harnesses her growing arsenal of powers to save the town from a vicious evil that even she has a hard time resisting. And I can’t forget the little devil kittens. Almost as cute as ferrets, except they were kittens. And of course, devils. They managed to be somewhat comical creatures, while being pretty creepy at the same time.

I kinda want one now.

I really don’t want to divulge more of the plot than necessary. The point is to get you thinking, ‘Holy hellfire, I have to read those books!’ To sum them up without spoiling anything, both Spellbent and Shotgun Sorceress are highly entertaining and fast paced. Full of sizzling naughtiness… particularly Shotgun Sorceress. There’s plenty of humor and sarcasm, as well as elements that appeal to the closet romantic in us all – longing, desperation, and the hope that true love always prevails in the face of adversity. But don’t worry, this is no Harlequin Romance. This is fantasy at it’s best, complete with a cute ferret turned odd ‘spider weasel bear’. Seriously, can you possibly ask for more than that?

No, you can’t.

I’m giving Lucy Snyder’s Spellbent and Shotgun Sorceress 5 out of 5 fuzzies each. Cause that’s how I roll.