Upcoming Projects

A collection of short stories all based around the visual and performing arts.  Grisly photographs are discovered on a mysterious roll of film,  a prestigious guild of painters hides a bizarre secret of success,  a picture framer tries to complete a forgotten work order and uncovers true terror.  Every story is a study of death at its most beautiful…and gruesome.


Mad Milly drinks so much coffee that any given day is about 90% hallucination.  Follow her ridiculous antics as she searches for the mythical ‘Columbian Coffee Cat’, joins a rock band, escapes an environmentalist crab, and tries to establish a religion based on her hero, Juan Valdez.


DELILAH MOON (thriller)
Delilah has led a boring life, until she wins a free vacation from a drawing she never entered.  Her itinerary lands her on the doorstep of Drake Vonegut, a man with dark secrets and a darker reputation on the small island of Jacque -Terrie.  She soon discovers that her appearance there is no coincidence, and she just might lose her life if history repeats itself.





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