Disillusionment Amuses Me

My, my… so much drama. Look at all that emotional turmoil! Way to go! Everyone is a hot bucket of piss and moan.

Makes my bellyaching a bit mundane, by comparison. So thank you.

You probably think I’m referring to the recent changes to same sex marriage laws in our country. Or perhaps the debate/debacle that is the Confederate flag uproar. Wanna know my positions?

I’m completely in favor of same sex marriages. No harm, no foul. The country has MUCH bigger issues than whether two men or women can get married. It does not destroy the fabric of our unity… if anything, it solidifies us.

And that flag bit? Really? It’s a friggin flag. It’s a symbol, nothing more. It has no magical powers, other than covering that big ass hole in your wall. It’s a glorified flappy towel.

(I have a feeling I’m going to regret saying that. But think about it. You know I’m right.)

The polarization of recent years has become comical, in the most dangerous way. There is no longer a gray area in any debate. It’s one extreme or the other. I am typically at odds with even my family over views, but I do not apologize or back pedal. Will I temper my tolerance with their outrage? NO. Blood does not equal wisdom. How does being so angry and offended all the time solve anything? How can anyone see changes such as same sex marriage as a decline in society?

I recently have heard from a number of people, the refrain, “This country is going to hell.”

Really? For whom? Ask any African American, and they can tell you it has always been hell, from the moment they were brought here. Ask anyone in the LGBT community, and they can attest to the fear and violence that they, and their loved ones, have lived with.

And now they say this country is going to hell?!

My dear, dear pseudopods… this country IS hell. It has always been hell. From the moment we slaughtered millions of natives to steal their homes, to the BULLSHIT religious persecutions we execute TO THIS DAY, despite the well documented fact that this country was founded intentionally to avoid all that uptight hoopla. Christian nation, my ass. Jefferson would be infuriated.

Going to hell. Heh. Maybe we’re not going to hell…

Maybe you’re just waking up. Finally.

Rise and shine.


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